And I was there, as a witch, invited on behalf of the Lord to have a private sunset to cooperate with nature, I saw it, entirely, winding up to a cheerful magic darkness, evoking a deep silent mysterious sense beneath my skin, to be touched…There was nothing but BEAUTY the whole: Naked, Temptress, Wild &………. And it was nothing but the real ESSENCE of BEAUTY

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سلام خانوم دکتر.خوبین؟ خوشین؟ احوالی نمیگیرین..دلمون تنگ شده.کجایین؟معلوم هست؟ خوشحال شدم ایمیلتون و بلاگتون دیدم.خارجکایی نوشتین من بلت نیستم[سوال].احوالی بگیرن..

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خیلی زیبا بود این... but I think that was anything...your sense is the nature and the nature is a creature by the God...but what is the God? I belive that he is the bountifulness of your skin that gives you your sense is a part of the God and the God is the Whole Thing...isn't it ? بدرود


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